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Welcome to WCH UK

Helping you create a cleaner world!

WCH UK is a leading hygiene systems and product supplier covering Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and South Wales.

We supply hotel, leisure and food production facilities with superior quality commercial strength products for sustainable cleaning and sanitising. Food safety and operational efficiencies are critical to the reputation of all food related industries and reputations can be won and lost with poor hygiene.

For safety sake we name our products by their purpose. You won’t encounter any of our products or solutions with misleading labels, such as ‘Action Power’ or the word ‘Cleanz’. How can a ‘Washing Up Liquid’ be named anything else without it being a danger to you and those around you? You make great food and drink. WCH UK make (and label) great cleaning solutions. Simple!

Our Aim – Always Innovative

At WCH UK, we make substantial investment in research and development to ensure the very best product to complete the task safely, first time, and with ease to ensure the safeguard of the business’ reputation through high hygiene standards.

Our approach is to take the time to visit you, discuss your individual or business needs directly with you and make recommendations based upon your exacting requirements, ensuring you receive the correct product for the purpose required.

Mission Statement

WCH UK is totally committed to ensure that its customers have the latest products systems and information to hand.

When customer walk into your food and drink establishment, they form immediate judgement. Reputation is everything and competition is abundant so no-one can afford to make mistakes with hygiene and cleanliness. So, why risk it? Choose WCH UK’s fast and efficient products.

We are very proud of our products and hygiene systems and want to make the food and drink market safer for consumers and staff.

WCH UK – Helping you create a cleaner world!

WCH offer an innovative approach to the supply, delivery, a source expertise in cleaning material. Realisable, great value – a must for those who require a professional supplier.

Steve Gaskell